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Sounds and images from China

An audiovisual report from the recent journey to China. Photos are accompanied with field recordings. Extremely vivid and unconventional experience, imaginative journey through amazing locations in spacious and challenging country of China!

Headphones tourism was invented by American sound artist Aaron Ximm (Quiet American), who started making traveler's reports in a form of musical albums, made entirely of recorded environmental sounds, in 1998.

Few years ago we decided to take one step further and developed the combined format - field recordings plus photos from the same place. Put on your headphones, and enjoy the virtual journey through various locations in China, such as Guangzhou, Old Town of Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge and Stone Forest nearby Kunming.

Guangzhou/KaipingOld Town of LijiangTiger Leaping GorgeKunming/Shilin

Links above leads to Flickr galleries, where you can browse photos one by one or with an automated slide show. If you prefer to have pictures on your computer, you can download all four galleries in one zip-archive (70 mb).

Sounds and images from (mp3+cover)

Read more about this project here
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